May, 2014

Dirty windows in the springtime: The major culprits

Posted on: May 10th, 2014 by townAdmin


One of the best parts about spring in the Chicagoland area is that you can finally walk outside without a coat (and thermal underwear, with how cold things got this past winter!) However, a major downside is how dirty your house’s windows get during the spring – and how quickly it can start.

What’s making our windows so grimy and dirty?


Bugs, bugs and bugs

Yuck! One of the most significant culprits for dirty windows are insects, and there’s no other season they like more than the spring (with summer a close second). Creepy-crawlies can dirty up your windows by smashing into ‘em, leaving residue as they attempt to climb into your house, and you can even expect some bug guts to be present as well – spilling their guts is how flies eat, after all.


Droppings – and lots of it

Another thing you can expect bugs to leave behind is droppings, but it’s not just bugs. Birds, small animals and just about any other critter can leave behind the smelly stuff just by perching on your windowsill or taking a rest against the side of your house. Not only is it dirty and hard to clean, but be careful about the bacteria too – that’s why you should wear gloves and use disinfectant when cleaning your windows when animals and bugs are around.


Pollen and dirt

When trees and flowers begin to blossom, you know that spring has finally arrived. However, it also means that seasonal allergies – and pollen – are on their way. Pollen can easily get stuck on your windows, and not only does it leave a mark, it can streak when you try and wipe it away if you don’t clean thoroughly with soap and water. The same can happen with dirt, which also begins cropping up when you begin planting flowers and vegetables in the front and back of house. (Dirt is also another reason to prevent the family dog from digging holes near the house!)



Another common arrival with spring is the spring shower, and with it, lots and lots of rain. While you’d think that rain would help keep windows clean, that’s usually only the case when windows are relatively poop-, pollen- and dirt-free to begin with. If any of those are present on your windows to begin with, the rain can make all that gunk moist, streaky and even grimier. That’s why you should keep windows clean throughout the spring, or at least give them a wipe-down when the skies start turning gray.


For more information on keeping your windows clean with spring – into the summer – contact us today at our website!


Clean your windows for more sunshine

Posted on: May 2nd, 2014 by townAdmin


Know the phrase “A morning without orange juice is like a day without sunshine?”

Like getting a jolt of vitamin C to start you day, getting your daily dose of sunshine is just as crucial to starting your day off right.

There are many benefits to getting sunlight, and luckily, you don’t always have to be indoors to get them.

Waking up

Did you know that sunshine is essential to helping you wake up? When you’re exposed to light first-thing in the morning, this sends a signal to your body to produce the chemical serotonin and reduce its production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep. A jolt of sunshine-induced serotonin energizes you and provides you feelings of productivity, and the less melatonin in your body, the less sleepy you’ll be!

Staying happy

Heard of seasonal effective disorder? It’s the type of low-grade depression that can occur during the winter months when we are less likely to get sunshine. That’s right – without sunshine, your entire mood and outlook on life can be dramatically affected.

Losing weight and keeping it off

Did you know that sunshine can affect your waistline too? Sunshine is essential for your body’s sleep/awake cycle, and getting a proper night’s sleep is important for maintaining a healthy weight. A recent study confirmed that morning exposure to sunlight, and the healthy sleep/awake cycle that results, has been linked to slight weight loss.

To make sure your home’s windows are sufficiently cleaned to let in as much sunshine as possible, contact us today at our website!