August, 2015

Take Advantage of the Last Days of Summer

Posted on: August 31st, 2015 by townAdmin


Summer is on the way out! Soon the lazy, hazy days of August will be a distant memory, replaced by colorful leaves and brisk autumnal winds.

Before it becomes jack-o’-lantern season, here are three things you should do while it’s warm enough outside to do yardwork without a jacket.

Outside window washing

Unless you’re in California, you should take advantage of these last warm days to thoroughly clean the outside of your building’s windows. This summer has introduced normally shiny glass to a lot of dirt, bugs and soot.

Start off using the hose, then really give them a scrub with a washcloth and soap. Bring the ladder out to get the higher windows. Believe us – you’d rather be doing this now than in late November before the snow begins to hit.

Replace screens

Right now is also the time to do any needed replacements for the building’s exteriors. Replacing something like a screen can take a lot of time, and you’ll be spending that time outdoors. You’d rather be out when it’s warm and not when it’s blisteringly cold.

You’ll want to check any screens for the windows as well as your front door and porch doors, if you have them. Also look at windowsills for any damage you can take care of now.

Get the gutters ready

Your gutters will be seeing a lot of activity this fall – not to mention what happens a few months after fall begins when the snow starts.

As a Chicago-area resident, you know the routine – your gutter get clogged with leaves. Then it gets colder, and you don’t want to clear the leaves out. Then the leaves freeze and become difficult to remove. But then it gets warmer and the ice wants to melt… but has nowhere to go. Then your roof caves in!

Sure, that’s a dramatization of what can really happen, but the moral of the story is that you should take these last few warm weeks to stake out the gutter and clear it of any soot or dirt that it’s in currently. You’ll also have the chance to determine if your gutters need repairs or replacements.

Spotted anything wrong?

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