April, 2016

Make windows part of your spring cleaning this year

Posted on: April 15th, 2016 by townAdmin


What started the "spring cleaning" trend - and why is it in spring?

When you think about it, it's odd that as a nation we would single out one season of the year for when we clean and organize the entire house. You'd think this is something we'd want to do at the start of any season, not just one of the four!

But alas, with less and less time spent in the home and more and more time spent at work and commuting, it makes sense that we'd put off on placing our full efforts into cleaning and organizing until one point in the year. Regardless of how the trend started, here are some tips to make sure you make the most of out this year's spring cleaning.

Make a checklist

One of - if not the - most important parts of spring cleaning is to make a checklist of everything you plan to do. If you don't make a checklist, there are two potential bad outcomes, both tied to the fact that you aren't keeping track of how much you've already cleaned and organized:

  1. You stop spring cleaning prematurely and left key areas dirty and unorganized
  2. You do too much spring cleaning and have no energy left to clean again until next year

Stick to one room or one activity at a time

To help cope with the enormity of the task of cleaning and organizing an entire home, it's often best to stick to a one-at-a-time approach.

If your house has fewer rooms but larger ones than average, it may make most sense to clean one room at a time since you'll be able to sprawl as you clean. However, if you have more rooms and they are smaller than average, it may make more sense to do things one task at a time - such as tackling all the floor first, then all the dusting, then all the organizing, and so forth.

Choose your chemicals wisely

If you plan to incorporate the kitchen and bathroom into this year's spring cleaning - which you should - make sure you have the right cleaning agents for the job.

  • For the bathroom, you should make sure to use cleaning agents meant for tile, porcelain and mirrors. If using bleach, make sure to take any necessary precautions to avoid inhaling too much of it and exposing your skin and clothes to it.
  • Make sure to incorporate the right chemicals for mopping kitchen floors; don't use something too abrasive but don't use something too mile either.

Don't forget the windows and doors

Then, of course, comes the windows, doors and exteriors of the house. It's time to whip out the hose, the towels and window cleaners. But for this task - if you haven't for any others - you should really get some additional folks to help.

Ready for a 360 window cleaning?

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