October, 2017

Cleaning Your Windows in the Cold of Winter

Posted on: October 11th, 2017 by townAdmin


Although it is not a chore most people relish thinking about, there are instances when we need to trek outside in the chilly cold of winter and wash the windows in our home. Just because it is snowing outside and the temperature is below freezing does not mean your windows will not get dirty. The opposite may actually be true – your windows may become more grimy and dirty than they would in the summer. Keeping your windows clean will greatly enhance the look of your residence.

If you do decide to battle the elements and clean your windows during the cold part of the calendar, it is very important to have the proper supplies and correct equipment on hand. You can ask for advice at your local hardware store and see what supplies are recommended for your particular location.

Windows often streak when washed and the 2 main reasons this occurs is either because the cleaning solution dries before the window can be completely cleaned, or the window solution is not adequately removed from the window and it is left to air dry. Cold weather window washing is not as big of a problem since you will have ample time to adequately clean the window before they begin to dry.

There are several different cleaning solutions professionals use in the winter. The basic mix is simply a few drops of dish soap in a bucket of water. You may also want to consider adding about a half cup of vinegar to the mix. This will help with the hard water deposits that may form on the glass. This is most likely to occur when the temperature outside is in the upper thirties. A day slightly above the freezing mark with the sun shining is an ideal day to wash the windows with this solution in the winter.

However, if the temperature is below freezing, you may need different additives in your mixture. Some cleaners actually contain automotive antifreeze. While this does work well to prevent the wash solution from freezing, it may leave a film that will attract dirt later on. Also, keep in mind you need to find a safe disposal method of the unused antifreeze solution when the task is completed. A better option may be to use a mixture of rubbing alcohol or automotive windshield washing solution. These are usually added with 2-3 parts water to 1-part additive. Depending on how low the temperature is outside this ratio can be adjusted to obtain the desired results.

Cleaning the windows is fairly simple: apply the cleaning solution to the glass with a sponge and dry it off. Using a dry rag, quickly dry the corners and edges. A quick drying of your rag between wipes also helps reduce streaking.

Washing your windows in winter does not have to be an impossible task; simply purchase the proper tools and equipment and choose a day when the weather is tolerable. For more tips on cleaning your windows any time of year and for other expert advice call Town and Country Professional Cleaning at 847-256-5140 today.