May, 2018

How Much Do Storm Windows Really Help in the Summer?

Posted on: May 30th, 2018 by townAdmin


During the fall and winter, it is a ritual -  heavy storm windows are installed in your home.  And during the first warm breezes of spring you pull them out to let the fresh breeze inside.

This seems to make perfect sense – storm windows are great for insulation. Most people think of insulation during cold weather only.  But insulation is also useful in the summertime, for keeping hot air out and cool air inside. This is doubly true if your home has central air conditioning. This leads to a question: Is it prudent to keep storms windows in over the summer?

It really depends on how you keep your home cool through the summer. If you use fans, rely on shade and cool breezes to cool your house, your best bet is probably to take your storm windows off in spring. Without air conditioning, circulation of fresh air is the simplest way to keep cool.

On the other hand, if your home has air conditioning, storm windows will provide another layer of insulation.  This will aid in keeping the AC’s cool air inside your home and hot air out, thus increasing energy efficiency. That means lower electricity bills during the hottest time of the year. In short: if you’ve got AC, keep the storm windows in all year.

What About Storm Doors?

What’s true of storm windows is true of storm doors. Opening the front door and letting a cool breeze blow through the screen is a refreshing treat in the summer, but if you have air conditioning, it results in wasted money and energy. Storms doors will make is easier to let in the warm sun, view the outdoors and keep the cool air inside your home.

For any questions regarding storm windows and energy efficiency, give Town and Country Professional Window Cleaning a call today. Their experienced staff can help inform you of all the services they can provide for you to keep your home cool all summer long.

Getting Your Windows Ready for the Heat of Summer

Posted on: May 29th, 2018 by townAdmin


Now that summer is almost here, the Chicago area is going to really heat up. You will be tempted to turn up the AC to stay cool. However, if possible, it is nice to just and open a window to get some fresh air inside your home. Now is the time to ready your screens and windows for the warm weather.

Clean Dirt Off Screens

 Even if it is not visible, dirt and pieces of debris accumulate on window screens over time. Dirt makes it more difficult for a breeze to come through. You should remove your screens to give them a thorough cleaning. It is recommended you hose them down on both sides. Scrub them for a more complete cleaning, and when they dry, place them back into window frames.

Wash Your Windows

In warm weather, it is best to wash your windows when the skies are partly cloudy. You do not want sunlight shining in your face when you are trying to clean. Using a squeegee to eliminate any soapy residue is a very good idea.

Apply a Windshield Treatment

 You should try to avoid having debris and dirt build up on your windows in the first place. A windshield treatment can be applied to keep particles away. This usually only needs to be performed once a year. Taking care of these tasks before it gets too warm should help keep you comfortable all summer.

In the Chicago area, the best place to turn to for all your window repair and cleaning needs is Town & Country Window Cleaning. Based in the northern suburb of Wilmette, they have been in business for over four decades. They take great pride in their professionalism and high-quality service. Give them a call today at 847-256-5140 to find out more about all the helpful services they can provide for you to keep your windows in great shape all year long.