June, 2019

Selecting the Proper Windows for Your Residence

Posted on: June 5th, 2019 by townAdmin


One of the most important parts of a home are the windows. These glass panes not only provide a view to the outside but also allow sunshine to warm your house. The incoming light helps brighten your home’s interior without turning on a lamp. Selecting the proper windows for your residence entails considering some key elements, from the actual glass to the supporting frame.

All Windows are Unique in Look and Style

All windows have their own unique style and shape. For example, single hung styles require a vertical lifting motion to open. You often find these windows installed on colonial and farmhouse styles. If you have ample space outside of the window area, you can choose casement windows. These panes lean outward with a knob mechanism allowing air to pass through a screen. Casement windows are best for ranch styles because the outside wall area is usually large. Awning windows open from the bottom of the glass creating a canopy effect.

If you have current window frames that are in good shape you can select replacement windows. These windows install within the old frame. In older structures, retaining the old frame is the best option to retain the historic look of the home.

Completely new windows require the replacement of the frame and glass. Most new window installations are performed by contractors because installation can be a bit complicated. Newer homes with a modern look are the best candidates for a full window replacement. This will also help increase the value of the property.

Wood frames bring a traditional look and need maintenance periodically to retain the wood's solid grain appearance.  Aluminum frames are an option but conduct more heat than wood. Vinyl frames are the simplest to maintain and provide a nice insulation value. Clad frames combine the wood appearance with a vinyl outer coating. This material does require as much care as wood, making it a good choice for aesthetics and functionality.

Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs

You can lower your home's heating bills by choosing a multi-pane glass type. Single panes offer an inexpensive investment but enable energy loss. Double and triple pane windows insulate a home better compared to single panes. Low-emissivity glass can also add to the insulation factor. An extremely thin layer of insulation material covers the glass for enhanced energy retention.

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