Power Wash Your House as Seasons Change

Posted on: August 30th, 2018 by townAdmin

With the end of summer approaching, now is a good time inspect your home’s exterior. The extreme heat and humidity of the season may have had an adverse effect on your house and windows.  With the very changeable weather of early autumn near, this is the ideal time for a thorough house cleaning. It is much more convenient to have any repairs or upgrades completed while the weather is still mild. It will also help avoid any emergency work needed in the winter.

Prepare for Cold Weather Now

Fall cleaning may not be very fun, but it is essential to prepare for the cold season. Replace or fix any broken windows or drafty screen doors. Make sure your roof does not leak and your gutters have been cleared of debris. This will go a long to keeping your home warm in through the cold months and keep your electric bill lower.

In the Chicagoland area, your best option for cleaning and washing your windows is Town and Country Window Cleaning.  Located in Wilmette, they have been serving the entire North Shore of Chicago for nearly fifty years. Their goal is to provide its customers with professional and quality workmanship with all it services. And do not let the name fool you – Town and Country does a lot more than just clean windows.

In addition to cleaning, Town and Country also repairs and replaces windows, along with patio and screen doors, glass tops and shower doors. If you are looking to have your home washed before winter hits, Town and County has you covered. They can power wash your home to make it look immaculate for holiday visitors.

Remember that in Chicago, the number one place for your window repair and cleaning needs is Town and Country.  They are proud have been run as a family business for nearly five decades. They take great pride in always offering the highest quality service. Give them a call today at 847-256-5140.