Window Repair

One of the greatest pleasures of being a homeowner is relaxing in your den and gazing outside to enjoy the scenery, looking at the results of all the hard work spent cleaning the yard or just checking the weather. We love our windows and the beauty and functionality they bring to our residence.

Aesthetically pleasing windows add an impressive element to our homes, so maintenance is important. Like anything else, as time passes, wood frames begin to deteriorate and sashes start to sag. Eventually you will also notice drafts due to lack of sealing. This is the time when you need to look into professional window repair.

When to repair a window?

One of the main reasons windows begin to lose their seal is their constant exposure to heat and cold cycles that are so common in the Midwest. Over time, this frequent change in temperature has a negative effect on your wooden frames as does the strong sunlight and excessive moisture.

In instances such as these, a simple repair or caulking may be all that is required. If draftiness is common, upgrading your windows is another option.  However, if drafty conditions continue and are accompanied with heat loss and higher utility bills, replacement windows are recommended.

Also contributing to the rotting of windows and their frames are the persistent winds and storms experienced in the Chicago area. Intense, damaging storms often result in cracked, broken or weakened windows. Residential window repair is almost inevitable in areas subject to numerous storms.  If you live in a storm prone area, storm window glass is something you may want to consider. Storm glass is stronger than regular pane glass and withstands harsh weather more easily.

There is no doubt having beautiful windows is a terrific selling point and enhancement to your home. If you do decide to have repairs done professionally, the best place to contact in the Chicago area is Town and Country Professional Window Cleaning.

Based in Wilmette, Town and Country Professional Window Cleaning has been servicing, cleaning and repairing windows for more than 40 years.

They specialize in the maintenance and repair of residential windows, whether they are new or 50 years old. Town and Country Professional Window Cleaning also repairs screens, storm windows as well as window locks, just to name a few.

Give Town and Country Professional Window Cleaning a call today at 847-256-5140 for any questions you have regarding repairing your windows or any other issues you care to discuss. Their very knowledgeable and experienced staff with be glad to help!