Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services

Town & Country Window Cleaners is a year round professional window cleaning service that is owner operated and was established in 1972. Our service men are full time employees, not sub-contractors. Most of our staff has been with us ten years or longer, three men have been with me more then twenty years.

We offer professional window cleaning service, however you choose or need.

  1. Four sides - inside and out, storms, screens, sills. We systematically go through the house, move whatever is in the way, remove storms and screens, clean all the surfaces, then put everything back the way we found it.
  2. Inside and out - No storms. Same thing, but no storm windows.
  3. Three sides - remove storms or screens, clean exterior house window and sills, clean storms on both sides and screens. Put everything back.
  4. Outside only - clean all accessible outside windows only.

Power Washing

Power washing is one of our specialties. We can do the entire house, isolated areas, decks, whatever requires cleaning to maintain the neat appearance of your house. We have an array of different equipment to take care of anything you need done. We do not use chemicals or harsh cleaners that would damage landscaping or cause allergic reactions.

Window Repair

We can fix or replace any nagging window problems that you may have. We can make or repair screens, storms, windows locks, any hardware or mechanical issue. We specialize in window repair for residential windows, new or old. We are very familiar with older homes and maintaining their ascetic continuity.

We also have a large selection of patio door handles and locks, storm door handles and closures and patio screen doors, new ones or parts to fix your old one! We have serviced over 10,000 homes in the area. Wilmette Glass Co., located at 621 Green Bay Rd., in downtown Wilmette is our sister service company.