May, 2016

Let the Fresh Air In

Posted on: May 16th, 2016 by townAdmin


Winter is finally, finally over – Spring has been in full swing for more than a month and summer is on its way. Unfortunately, a long, sprawling winter has not done our homes any favors. That includes both inside and outside.

If you’ve kept your windows closed shut during the winter months with insulation, your home has been on air lock-down for more than four months or so. That means that all the potential inside allergens – dust, mold and more – have been building and festering with nowhere to go. It’s time to let the fresh, spring air in and take all the yucky, inside-winter air out.

Air refresh

Over time, dust forms on nearly every surface of the home. It’s formed from dirt; skin particles; bits of fabric from clothes, carpet and furniture; and pets if you have them. Contained within dust are bacteria that can cause smells (that long, cold winter smell) as well as allergens that can cause skin and eye irritation, respiratory issues and illness.

Luckily, winter has a negative effect on another indoor pathogen – mold – if you’ve been blasting the heat all winter long. Mold thrives when the indoor humidity rises above 50 percent. However, if you’ve been using humidifiers to combat this effect and improve your skin, you could have created mold spores throughout the home without realizing it.

That’s why now that it’s spring, you should burst open all the windows throughout the home for as long as you can. Introducing outside air throughout the home can create a sort of internal funnel that can take away these built-up allergens. Since it’s not summer yet, it’s not too hot outside that this would be a nuisance. (Just close your windows if it rains, though!)

Why you should keep your windows open

If you haven’t already, remove all insulation from your windows and allow them open freely – you’ll need to let some of that fresh spring air into your home.

Since we spend more and more time indoors, it’s a good habit to keep the windows open whenever you can. This ensures that indoor pathogens are cycles out of the home and fresh, clean air cycles in.

Getting professional help

Now, are you ready to refresh your home’s air, but don’t know where to start? Schedule an appointment and visit to learn about our services!