Getting Your Windows Ready Before Winter

Posted on: September 15th, 2019 by townAdmin

It may be hard to believe, but the chilly winds of autumn and cold of winter will soon be here. Before you know it, we will be waking up to very frosty mornings and shorter days. That first cold morning can be quite a jolt. Before the temperature drops it is a good time to inspect your windows to make sure they are ready for the change of seasons.

Because heating your home during the cold season is expensive, preparing your windows now is recommended. Ensuring that your windows are fully winterized now will provide you with more comfort and cut down on your energy bills later on.

Poor Insulation Can Increase Heating Costs

Poor insulation or improperly fitted windows are a couple main reasons your heating bill may be high. Your home may be literally leaking heat – increasing your costs. If you notice your windowpanes rattling when it is windy or if they are difficult to open or close, you may have a problem. Also look for the build-up of moisture on the window edges, this is another indication of improper fit.

There are a few other things you can do to check the condition of your windows. First, run your hand around the window to feel for obvious leaks. If you notice leaking air you can pick up a weather sealing kit at a local hardware store. Apply adhesive strips to any drafty spots to fill in the gaps and keep out the chilly air.

They key is to limit the amount of air a window lets in. These ideas are best for single pane windows because they are thinner and therefore more susceptible to leaks. Take some insulation film and place it over the window, then shrink it with a hairdryer. You can also simply add curtains to a window. Heavy curtains covering a window are a terrific way to significantly reduce drafts.  However, keep in mind this will reduce the amount of light coming into your home.

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