July, 2016

What Goes Into Power Washing

Posted on: July 18th, 2016 by townAdmin


One of the house cleaning services we provide at Town & Country Professional Window Cleaning is known as power washing. This is one of our most comprehensive cleaning services in which we leave nothing unwashed or unprepared for the harsh fall and winter ahead - especially in the Chicagoland area.

Summer is the perfect time for power washing because it's sunny and bright outside, allowing us to see every possible nook and cranny around your property that could use a thorough cleaning. Here is how we approach power washing and why you should consider making an appointment for one today!

Steps behind power washing

First, we evaluate your home and tease out any areas normally hidden to the human eye. We assess what type of dirt and build-up is on your home so that we can determine what type of power washing equipment will be most up-to-task for the job.

Then, we go ahead and start power washing using our high-powered hoses. We don't use any harmful chemicals in our power washing, ensuring that cleaning your home doesn't result in an allergy-inducing mishap.

We'll wash the main exteriors of your house and garage (if present), then tackle your porch, deck and wherever else dirt and algae can accumulate on your property.

For the average-sized Chicago area home, we can typically complete power washing in about a day, or longer for larger homes.

Why you should go with a professional

You may have seen power washing equipment at popular home improvement stores, or even seen ads for power washing equipment rentals. It may be tempting to try power washing on your own, but here are some reasons why that may not be a wise choice.

  • Safety equipment - Power washing can be dangerous if you don't have proper safety equipment, from gloves to certified eye protection. Purchasing this safety equipment can be expensive, whereas we have everything we need for each job.
  • Determining water pressure - If you use too much pressure you can end up harming your property's exterior; and not using enough pressure could result in a lackluster clean. On the contrary, our seasoned pros have an eye for what water pressure is necessary.

Order your professional power washing today

Has it been more than a year since you thoroughly cleaned the outside of your property? Is the side of your how so dirty and dusty it's begun to change colors?

If so, don't wait any longer and set up an appointment for your property's power cleaning today. It's easy - give us a call at 847-256-5140. You can also visit us at TownandCountryWindowCleaning.com or use our scheduling page to set up an appointment.