October, 2014

The truth about cats and windows

Posted on: October 20th, 2014 by townAdmin


Even if you aren’t a cat owner, you may be able to relate to the site of a feline staring intently outside on a windowsill. Some do it for hours and hours, day after day, and even at night.

Why do cats do this? For the more than 90 million indoor cats in the United States, their food, toys and litter boxes are indoors most or all of the time. That’s where their loving owners are, too. What’s so interesting out there, and how can you make kitty’s favorite activity more pleasurable?

The wonderful stimulations of outdoors

Cats must know that they can’t ever get to the squirrels, birds and fauna right out the window. Right? That doesn’t matter to kitty. Felines love visual stimulation of any kind. Their eyes are especially skilled at detecting movement and noticing small changes in the environment, and no location in the house is as vivid and actively changing as things are outdoors.

As tempting as cat food is, nothing beats the real thing

Want to know why kitty’s favorite toys tend to be ones that look like mice? It shouldn’t be surprising that cats crave many outdoor critters smaller than them, even if they’ve been indoor cats their entire lives. They are still cats, and cats are natural predators to birds, mice, snakes and many bugs. Cat owners with bird feeders can relate to how especially attached their cats are to the windows right outside them.

But be careful – make sure they don’t actually go outside!

As smart as cats are, they don’t always think certain things through. As enticing as the colorful land outside the window and house door is, they aren’t thinking about the scary things, such as cars, sprinkler systems and animals larger than them. That’s why if you have cats, you need to make sure that your windows and screens are secure and can only be opened by the human members of the family.

Also make sure that screens don’t have any tears or sharp edges that could hurt kitty if he or she makes an escape attempt. You should also make sure every lock on every window makes a tight, secure fit and can’t be wiggled loose by a pawing kitty.

Need help making your windows cat friendly as well as secure from the animal kingdom’s most sneaky animal?

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