Power Wash Your House as Seasons Change

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With the end of summer approaching, now is a good time inspect your home’s exterior. The extreme heat and humidity of the season may have had an adverse effect on your house and windows.  With the very changeable weather of early autumn near, this is the ideal time for a thorough house cleaning. It is much more convenient to have any repairs or upgrades completed while the weather is still mild. It will also help avoid any emergency work needed in the winter.

Prepare for Cold Weather Now

Fall cleaning may not be very fun, but it is essential to prepare for the cold season. Replace or fix any broken windows or drafty screen doors. Make sure your roof does not leak and your gutters have been cleared of debris. This will go a long to keeping your home warm in through the cold months and keep your electric bill lower.

In the Chicagoland area, your best option for cleaning and washing your windows is Town and Country Window Cleaning.  Located in Wilmette, they have been serving the entire North Shore of Chicago for nearly fifty years. Their goal is to provide its customers with professional and quality workmanship with all it services. And do not let the name fool you – Town and Country does a lot more than just clean windows.

In addition to cleaning, Town and Country also repairs and replaces windows, along with patio and screen doors, glass tops and shower doors. If you are looking to have your home washed before winter hits, Town and County has you covered. They can power wash your home to make it look immaculate for holiday visitors.

Remember that in Chicago, the number one place for your window repair and cleaning needs is Town and Country.  They are proud have been run as a family business for nearly five decades. They take great pride in always offering the highest quality service. Give them a call today at 847-256-5140.

Autumn is a Great Time to Inspect Your Windows

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With the calendar soon flipping to fall, now is a good time to inspect your home’s windows. Before winter hits you want to make sure you are prepared for the season. Discovering you have drafty windows or doors when it is below freezing outside is not something homeowners want to experience. Detecting those air leaks or issues now means you can take care of them before the chill really begins.

Check Your Doors and Windows Now

A good test is to shut all your windows on a windy day. Then close all your vents and turn on all exhaust fans. Now pass a burning incense stick near your window sashes and frames. By doing this, you can pinpoint exactly where you may have any leaks or need any repairs.

Another way to check for drafts is to gently shake your windows. If you shake your windows and they rattle, this likely means you have loose window frames. Unsecure window frames let energy from inside your home escape. It also may enable rainwater to get into your home—which can make your house susceptible to many other types of issues.

It is also recommended to take a close look at your windows frames. If you can see daylight coming in through your frames it likely means you have gaps, allowing energy loss. You can correct this by sealing air leaks with caulk or weather stripping.

Also, do not forget to check your entry door, since you can lose energy here as well. The approach is the same for your door as your windows: check for daylight around the frames and use an incense stick to look for any leaks of air.

In the Chicago area, the best place to turn to for all your window or door repair and cleaning is Town and Country Professional Window Cleaning. The company was established in 1972 and has been run as a family business for nearly four decades. Town and Country takes great pride in their professionalism and high-quality service. Give them a call today at 847-256-5140.

Taking Care of Your Windows During the Summer

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The summer season is a good time to think of your windows. Why is this something to consider right now? The answer is that by taking good care of your windows now you can help extend their lifespan. You can also decrease the chances you will need them repaired or replaced. By following some simple maintenance tips, you can enjoy your windows for many years without having to worry about repairs.

Simple Steps Can Lead to Big Savings

The first thing to do is to inspect your window seams. After a chilly winter and spring, it is a good idea to check for cracks or other leaky areas. Drafts enable dirt, water and air to enter your home.  This can eventually lead to damage to your panes and glass. Caulking any leaky areas can help eliminate this problem and improve energy efficiency.

Next, it is recommended you wash your window panes. In the summer, you want to let light and warmth into your home. Window panes that are dirty or smudged from bad weather can be very unattractive. Cleaning the panes with a streak-free solution on both sides of the glass should resolve this issue.

Older windows tend to see the growth of mildew. The mildew will grow where moisture accumulates. That is why it is so important to check for leaks and cracks in your window seams. You can combat this problem by using a mixture of bleach, water and laundry detergent to eliminating the mildew.

Also remember to check your screens. Since the windows are open often this time of year you want to ensure your screens are in the best condition.  Take off your screens and scrub them with a non-abrasive brush to clean off any dirt, debris or other stains.

In the Chicago area, the best place to turn to for all your window repair and cleaning needs is Town & Country Window Cleaning. Town and Country was established in 1972 and have been run as a family business for nearly four decades. They take great pride in their professionalism and high-quality service. Give them a call today at 847-256-5140.

Cleaning Your Windows When Selling Your Home

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When you put your home on the market, you want everything to look its best. This includes the outside and interior of the house as well as the front yard. You don’t want any signs of peeling paint or damaged furniture. However, one thing home sellers often neglect is the look of their windows. It is very important your windows look their best to give a favorable impression.

Check Your Window Glass and Panes

Sellers need to invest some time to ensure their windows are clean and in good condition before having an open house. This will provide a great look and appeal of your house when you begin showing your home.

First, check to make sure all panes are in good condition and unbroken. When preparing for an open house, you need to check on every small detail of the windows. Even if there is a small chip in a pane, you want to make sure it is repaired before any potential buyers see them.

People will notice windows that are not clean. Therefore, you must take the time to ensure your windows are cleaned on the inside and the outside. This will provide your visitors with the assurance that you care enough about the condition of your house to keep the windows looking their best.

There are many considerations when selling your house. Taking good care of your windows is one of the simplest ways to improve the marketability of any building. If you have high windows, you may want to investigate getting a power washer to save time.

In the Chicago area, the best place to turn to for all your window repair and cleaning needs is Town & Country Window Cleaning. Based in the northern suburb of Wilmette, they have been in business for over four decades. They take great pride in their professionalism and high-quality service. Give them a call today at 847-256-5140 to find out more about all the helpful services they can provide for you to keep your windows in great shape all year long.

How Much Do Storm Windows Really Help in the Summer?

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During the fall and winter, it is a ritual -  heavy storm windows are installed in your home.  And during the first warm breezes of spring you pull them out to let the fresh breeze inside.

This seems to make perfect sense – storm windows are great for insulation. Most people think of insulation during cold weather only.  But insulation is also useful in the summertime, for keeping hot air out and cool air inside. This is doubly true if your home has central air conditioning. This leads to a question: Is it prudent to keep storms windows in over the summer?

It really depends on how you keep your home cool through the summer. If you use fans, rely on shade and cool breezes to cool your house, your best bet is probably to take your storm windows off in spring. Without air conditioning, circulation of fresh air is the simplest way to keep cool.

On the other hand, if your home has air conditioning, storm windows will provide another layer of insulation.  This will aid in keeping the AC’s cool air inside your home and hot air out, thus increasing energy efficiency. That means lower electricity bills during the hottest time of the year. In short: if you’ve got AC, keep the storm windows in all year.

What About Storm Doors?

What’s true of storm windows is true of storm doors. Opening the front door and letting a cool breeze blow through the screen is a refreshing treat in the summer, but if you have air conditioning, it results in wasted money and energy. Storms doors will make is easier to let in the warm sun, view the outdoors and keep the cool air inside your home.

For any questions regarding storm windows and energy efficiency, give Town and Country Professional Window Cleaning a call today. Their experienced staff can help inform you of all the services they can provide for you to keep your home cool all summer long.

Getting Your Windows Ready for the Heat of Summer

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Now that summer is almost here, the Chicago area is going to really heat up. You will be tempted to turn up the AC to stay cool. However, if possible, it is nice to just and open a window to get some fresh air inside your home. Now is the time to ready your screens and windows for the warm weather.

Clean Dirt Off Screens

 Even if it is not visible, dirt and pieces of debris accumulate on window screens over time. Dirt makes it more difficult for a breeze to come through. You should remove your screens to give them a thorough cleaning. It is recommended you hose them down on both sides. Scrub them for a more complete cleaning, and when they dry, place them back into window frames.

Wash Your Windows

In warm weather, it is best to wash your windows when the skies are partly cloudy. You do not want sunlight shining in your face when you are trying to clean. Using a squeegee to eliminate any soapy residue is a very good idea.

Apply a Windshield Treatment

 You should try to avoid having debris and dirt build up on your windows in the first place. A windshield treatment can be applied to keep particles away. This usually only needs to be performed once a year. Taking care of these tasks before it gets too warm should help keep you comfortable all summer.

In the Chicago area, the best place to turn to for all your window repair and cleaning needs is Town & Country Window Cleaning. Based in the northern suburb of Wilmette, they have been in business for over four decades. They take great pride in their professionalism and high-quality service. Give them a call today at 847-256-5140 to find out more about all the helpful services they can provide for you to keep your windows in great shape all year long.


People who notice a draft coming into their home due to poor fitting windows face a dilemma on how to resolve the problem. Are the windows in need of repair or will a good caulking job around the panes fix the issue? Are the windows so old and worn that repair is not worth the time and should just be replaced?

Before you start shopping for new windows, you need to determine if you can repair them yourself. Of course, replacing your old windows with new ones will lower your energy bills, but it is possible it will take years to get back the money needed for new windows and installation.

Here are some things to think about on whether to repair your windows with caulk, try to repair them or completely replace them.

First, inspect your windows for any signs of crack or decay. A professional contractor may be able to correct an issue with broken parts. Do you notice signs that water has penetrated around the frame? If so, the windows need to be removed and repaired before they rot. If the sashes stick, try rubbing the bottom of a white candle against the bottom and sides of the window so it will slide more easily. Also, if you detect any condensation between layers of insulated glass, you’ll need to replace the sash or the window.

Caulking and weather stripping can save money

Caulking and weather stripping can help reduce drafts and save quite a bit of money. You can remove old caulk and replace it by using a simple caulking gun. Outside, it is recommended to caulk between the window molding and the house. Inside, caulk around window trim. Weather stripping helps with air leaks around sashes and should be applied only to clean, dry surfaces.

Single-­pane windows are a real concern because the friction of opening and closing the sashes can release lead dust. An experienced professional is the best person to turn to if you need to remove any dust or hazardous lead-based paint. If you decide to hire someone to repair your window, make sure they have been trained in lead-safe work practices.

In the Chicago area, the best place to turn to for all your window repair and cleaning needs is Town & Country Window Cleaning. They were established in 1972 and have been run as a family business for nearly four decades. They take great pride in their professionalism and high-quality service. Give them a call today at 847-256-5140.

Tips to Protect Your Wood Frames

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Everyone wants their home to look impressive, properly maintained and be something that adds a positive feel to the neighborhood.  Additionally, an attractive looking home is an important selling point if you are thinking of putting your residence on the market. One aspect that homeowners sometimes overlook is the appearance of the wooden frames around their windows. This is a detail that should never be ignored.

When your wooden window frames begin to rot or wear, the entire house can look old and neglected. The two most common reasons your window trim starts to decompose are insects and exposure to wet and changeable weather. If your wood trim is rotting, it may present a yellow or brown hue. When the outside trim is damaged it can lead to water seepage and poorer insulation of your home, causing higher heating costs.

The good news is there are certain steps you can take to prolong the life of and repair your wood trim. First, make sure to inspect the frames at least once a year for any tiny holes or signs of rotting. Wipe down the exterior of the frames and clean away any dust or dirt. Make sure there are no cracks or peeling paint. If you do discover any cracks, sand down the area until it is smooth. After smoothing the wood, apply a new coat of primer, allow to dry, then add a new coat of exterior paint. Make sure the primer and paint are especially formulated to protect against moisture and temperature fluctuations.

As with any do it yourself project around the home, if you are less than confident you'll be able to get the project done properly, it’s best to hire a professional.  The number one company to contact in the Chicagoland area is Town and Country Professional Window Cleaning. Based in Wilmette, Town and Country has been servicing, cleaning and repairing windows for more than 40 years. They specialize in the maintenance and repair of residential windows, old and new.

Give them a call today at 847-256-5140 for any questions you have regarding repairing your windows, frames or any other issues you care to discuss. Also check out their website at www.townandcountrywindowcleaning.com to read about all the services Town and Country can provide for your home and see the testimonials of their many highly satisfied customers.

When to Change and Replace Your Windows

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Attractive windows that are squeaky clean can add to the look of your residence and provide an impressive feel to not just your home but your entire neighborhood. Keeping them in good shape is a nice goal to shoot for, and will greatly increase the value of your house if you are thinking of putting your property on the market.  A common question many homeowners have is how often should windows be replaced.

On average, well maintained windows can last anywhere from 20 to 40 years, depending on weather and other factors. Also keep in mind it is sometimes possible to repair a window rather than having to look into replacement. For minor issues, such as peeling weather-stripping, a simple repair may be your best option. However, replacing a damaged or broken window frame is practically always better than attempting a repair. If they stick when you try to open them or are susceptible to drafts, it is a good bet you are in need of new windows.

Impact of weather

Although windows do help provide some heat during winter by letting in sun, drafty windows can increase your energy costs by 25% or more. Purchasing new more energy-efficient ones can save quite a bit on heating costs and keep you much more comfortable.

Windows are one of the most prominent parts of any home, so if they look neglected so will the rest of your property. If the color around your windows is beginning to fade, your screens or storm windows look worn, or if the material around your windows looks warped, replacement windows should be strongly considered.

If a major goal is to improve the exterior look of your home, you may want to consider a different type of window completely. An easy-open window rather than one with a fixed sash may be a smart option.

You may also want to consider going with windows that are larger so you may increase the amount of daylight your rooms receive. As mentioned, this will also help save on heating costs.

If you decide to have your windows repaired or replaced, and reside in the Chicago area, using a professional window cleaning service is your smartest choice. Town and Country has been cleaning and repairing windows for over 40 years, and specialize in the maintenance and repair of residential windows, no matter their age or condition. Town and Country also repairs screens and storm windows, just to mention a few of our window repair services. Contact us today at 847-256-5140 if you have any questions regarding repairing your windows or are looking for an estimate.

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

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A residence with beautifully clean and spotless windows is an inviting and impressive look that most every homeowner strives to achieve. Not only do immaculate looking windows improve the value of your home if you are looking to sell, but they also add a touch of class and integrity to your neighborhood. So, whether you are considering putting your house on the market or plan to stay put for the foreseeable future, keeping your windows sparkling clean is something for which to strive.

Many people wonder how often they need to have their windows cleaned. The answer is not black and white and depends on a number of factors, including local weather conditions, whether you live in the city or suburbs, the particular image you would like to convey and other miscellaneous considerations. For example, a home located in an environment that receives a lot of precipitation would need to have more frequent washings than a house located in a drier area. A house in San Diego would need fewer cleanings than an apartment building in a rain prone city like Miami.

If you reside in an urban setting, your windows will likely pick up a greater number of pollutants than a rural area. Also, if your windows are shielded from the elements with vegetation, overhangs or eaves they can go longer between cleanings than a higher traffic location. Additionally, if you and your family enjoy entertaining guests and frequently host get togethers you probably would like to have your windows cleaned more often so they look nice for your company.

Whatever your location or social schedule, it is recommended your windows receive a thorough cleaning at least twice a year so dirt and grime do have an extended period of time to accumulate.  Another option is to clean your inside windows once yearly and your outside 2-3 times a year since their exposure to the elements makes them more susceptible to looking streaky or covered with film.

No matter how often you have your windows serviced, make sure you hire insured professionals to receive the best service available. Town and Country Professional Window Cleaning, located in Wilmette, has been professionally washing homes, including windows, in the Chicago area since 1972. They have the experience and knowledge necessary to keep your windows looking their very best. Contact their helpful staff today at 847-256-5140 with any questions.