August, 2017

Is it difficult to clean 2-story windows on my own?

Posted on: August 20th, 2017 by townAdmin


Many people with 2-story houses wonder if it is difficult to clean 2-story windows on my own. The quick answer? Yes! Not only do you need to buy equipment, but you need some physical skill and know-how. Below are some details about what cleaning 2-story exterior windows yourself entails.

While it is handy being able to clean the outside of a window from the inside of the house, don't bank on that as a way to get out of buying a ladder. You'd have better luck at avoiding ladders by incorporating pure water and water-fed poles. Until then, plan on buying a ladder or two at heights that you are comfortable. You will definitely need ladders for cleaning windows with eyelids and other window types that don't open.

One idea you might consider is getting an extension pole (20+ feet) for indoor and outdoor applications. However, understand that it takes a lot of skill to use a pole effectively and get good results. You can probably pick up a 24-foot ladder used, for around $100. Also consider a ladder stabilizer, which might be another $50.

Most windows can be done with a pole on the outside, and sometimes you can get away with a few uppers using a pole on tall inside stuff. But, sometimes a pole will work on the outside, sometimes the frames weep or pull white off the vinyl. What works once won't the next time the sun is out, and vice versa. Given these details, you're going to need the ladder eventually.

For reaching high windows, your shopping list should might go like this (in order of importance):

  1. 16- to 32-foot extension ladder
  2. ladder stabilizer
  3. ladder leveler or ladder pivot
  4. Pure water/water-fed pole setup

Something to ask yourself: what percentage of my work can only be done with a ladder? Compare that figure with the percentage of your work that can only be done with a water-fed pole. Let that guide you in your first steps.

You can see that there are steps you can take to "DIY" your window-cleaning on a 2-story home. You can also sense that there is some money, knowledge and balancing/physical skill involved.

If this sounds overwhelming, consider giving Town & Country Window Cleaning a call at 847-256-5140 or contact us here. We offer free estimates and can be at your house quickly!