October, 2015

Taking Down the Halloween Decorations

Posted on: October 31st, 2015 by townAdmin


For some, Halloween is the best holiday of the year. Not only do the kids get to dress up like their favorite superheroes, Disney characters or TV characters, they get to take hay rides, go through haunted houses and get lost in corn mazes.

But for the parents, Halloween can be a nightmare. They have to make sure their kids don’t eat too much Halloween candy. There are pumpkin seeds everywhere. And Halloween decorations, while fun to put up, are hardly as fun when they come down.

Here are some tips to make the end of Halloween go a little easier.

Don’t get the water out until all the paper is gone. If you need to clean out Halloween decorations like chalk with water, be very careful about introducing water to the cleaning mix if you also used paper products as decorations. Otherwise, your basic Halloween cleaning job will turn into a hunt for errant wads of wet parchment.

Get the bags out first. You wouldn’t believe how much garbage is left after decorating for Halloween. Don’t make the mistake of setting up only one garbage bag at a time – bring a bunch of them so you can focus on throwing away, not getting more bags.

Get help from the kids – if they’re not in a candy coma. Recruiting the kids along to Halloween cleanup may make them think before making you set up a giant spider web next year. Getting pricked by the bushes while weeding out neon yellow webbing will make any Halloween super-fan a little jaded.

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