February, 2016

Keeping the Home Cat-Friendly

Posted on: February 18th, 2016 by townAdmin


Do you have any felines in your life? If you do, then you may already know of many of the joys – and annoyances – of having a cat as a pet.

If you own a cat, you already likely know some of the quirks of sharing a home with one. Today, we have some tips on how to make your cuddly friend as happy as possible.

(Even if you’re “not a cat person,” at least you’ll soon know why you can always spot a cat in your neighbor’s window!)

A clear view

Cats can get bored very easily, especially if you leave them alone when you go to work. Luckily, a view to the world outside is typically enough to keep even the most grumpy of grumpy cats endlessly happy for hours.

Even better, cats love to listen to sounds outside – particularly if those sounds include squirrels, birds or other intriguing critters. That’s why you should invest in sturdy, secure screen doors for summertime with your cat. You want to make sure they are secure and sturdy because an overexcited cat is a highly motivated one if they decide to make a run for it!

Cleanliness is key

If dogs are happy no matter what – clean, dirty, or somewhere in-between – cats are the prickly clean freaks of the animal kingdom. In fact, they spend nearly a third or longer of their waking day grooming themselves. (And that’s a conservative estimate!)

That’s why the key to a happy cat is a clean cat, and anything you can do to make sure your cat’s favorite prowling spots around the home are tidy will make life with a cat much easier. Common places to spot-check for dust, dirt and more are on the tops of bookshelves; under or behind beds and couches; your cat’s favorite windowsill; and just outside the front door if your cat waits for you there to come home from work.

The cat door

If you’re comfortable with your cat being an outdoors cat, consider installing a cat door. They’re the same principle as a dog door – they allow your cat to come and go. Just consider the risk the outdoors pose to cats; outdoor-exclusive cats have a much shorter lifespan than indoor-only cats.

Make your cat impressed

Have an unruly cat? The state of your home could be to blame. Schedule an appointment and visit TownandCountryWindowCleaning.com to learn about our home cleaning services.