March, 2015

Jump right in to spring cleaning

Posted on: March 30th, 2015 by townAdmin


At long last, spring is here!

Gone are the dreary days of winter. Pretty soon trees will be growing leaves again; gardens will be sprouting vegetables; and it will be OK to go outside with a light jacket on.

With nature refreshing all around us, why can’t our homes and businesses do the same? Here are some tips to jump-start spring in your surroundings.

Bring in the light

One of the best joys of spring – other than how easy it is to buy strawberries at the grocery store again – is that we can looking forward to clearer, bluer skies compared with winter. With this opportunity for refreshing natural sunlight, don’t let it go to waste! You need to clean the inside and outside of your windows and other light-allowing fixtures in your environment. If you have screens, you’ll want to clean them too – dirt and build-up from the long winter has made them less see-through than you may remember.

Change the drapes

If you’ve installed heat-insulating drapes or plastic around your windows, it’s time to swap them out for light-colored spring drapes to match the season. Most winter-insulating drapes and blinds tend to be darker colors – are those really appropriate for spring? No – go for beige, yellow and mint green drapes at your earliest convenience!

Dig out the cleaning supplies

What’s a better introduction to spring than the crisp smell of cleaning carpets, surfaces and furniture? You may have neglected your inside cleaning routine this winter, but now it’s time to get back on track. Play it safe by using as many cleaning supplies as you can afford that are made from organic materials. You wouldn’t want any eight-syllable chemicals staining your tables or carpets.

Other spring prep tips

Your surroundings aren’t all that can use some changing this spring – you yourself do too! If you have a closet full of winter clothes, bring out the summer clothes. You may even be able to catch a quick sale. For business owners, you’ll want to make other changes as well. If you don’t have many plants around the office or storefront – or they died out from the winter – now’s the time to make the inside match the outside. Get some green around and you’ll have happier employees and customers.

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