April, 2017

Take Your Spring Cleaning to the Next Level!

Posted on: April 28th, 2017 by townAdmin



Spring is here, and it is time to do some overall cleaning. We admit there is nothing glamourous about cleaning, but when you have the help of Town & Country Window Cleaning you can rest easy knowing your windows in your home will be taken care of and checked off the list!

Do you know why it can be important to have your windows professionally cleaned? There are multiple reasons why hiring a window cleaning company instead of doing it yourself can be beneficial for you!

  1. Glass is porous and collects dirt! Acid rain, sea spray, over spray and hard minerals can begin to ruin the structure of your glass and windows. Our thorough cleaning of your windows guarantees that none of these hazardous particles are left behind and your glass is protected.

  2. It may seem hard to believe, but dirty windows can cause a heat efficiency in your home. Particles on the surface and in the pores of the glass simply reflect more UV light, preventing the sun from warming up your home the way it naturally would.

  3. Windows can significantly affect the way visitors see the credibility of a business! Subliminally or completely consciously, the majority of people will pay attention to the cleanliness of your glass front when visiting a store. Dirty windows will testify careless attitude and represent a business as less trustworthy and attractive overall. Clean windows, on the other hand, attract more visitors to the stores.

Let Town & Country Window Cleaning give your home or business the fresh start it deserves. Check out our list of services we offer here and feel free to contact us with ANY questions you may have!