September, 2015

What We’ll Miss About Summer

Posted on: September 28th, 2015 by townAdmin


It could only last so long. Summer is about to end, and with it, many perks that only warm air and snow-free skies could offer.

Here are the things we’ll miss the most about summer as we prepare for the onslaught of fall and winter.

  • Being able to clean outside without a jacket on. Gone soon will be the days of being able to do yardwork without a jacket. Get ready to dig out your windbreaker for fall weather, and eventually your puffy coats and winter jackets.
  • Being able to see your roof. When December hits – it’s only three months away! – you may be saying goodbye to your roof for a while. Snowfall can be heavy in the Midwest, and no other part of the house suffers the brunt of it quite like the roof.
  • Cracking the windows open to let in cool air. This one will actually be good for a while – give it a few months before it gets too cold. As they say, the outdoors is the world’s best air conditioner. But once January rolls around, you’ll sure wish that weren’t the case.

Now, here are some things we won’t miss about the summer.

  • Needing to worry about cleaning the outside of the windows. Come fall, this will be much less of a societal expectation upon your house. But in the summer months, when it’s nice and warm outside, you’re seen as a tad bit lazy if you go on too long without cleaning the outside of dirty windows. It’s like leaving the lawn unmowed – it’s just not good neighborly behavior.
  • Fretting over hail damage. Spring and summer are the months for serious hail, not fall and winter. And, if you’ve had hail damage to your roof or walls, they’ll be covered up soon anyway with snow and leaves.
  • Unspooling and re-spooling the hose. If you won’t need to spend as much time cleaning the outside of your house, that’s that many fewer times having to get the hose out – then put it back in. Spooling the hose is just like putting the vacuum back in the closet; if you’ll need it again in a couple weeks anyway, why bother?

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