May, 2019

Protecting Your Windows During Spring and Summer Storms

Posted on: May 7th, 2019 by townAdmin


Spring and summer in Illinois mean warmer temperatures but also an increased risk of severe weather. Thunderstorms with hail, high winds and heavy rain can all cause damage to your home. It is a good idea to prepare your property ahead of time to avoid damage to your residence and doors and windows.  Begin by checking your doors for missing screws or damaged hinges. Keep your windows in good shape by upgrading using shutters, high-impact glass, and double-paned glass to protect against storms.

Planning Ahead is Key

Taping windows duct tape will not provide your glass protection. It is best to apply a durable clear plastic film to prevent glass shards from blowing into your home. Always stay alert of weather watches or warnings in your local area. This will provide you time to take precautions. Using plywood to board up your doors and windows is an inexpensive and effective method to protect your home. In addition to plywood, panels are available in aluminum, steel and plastic.

Homeowners may also want to consider installing anchors around doors and windows if they live in a storm susceptible area.  Putting in a permanent shutter system—such as accordion shutters—is another effective way to shield your windows from wind or debris. You can also close them quickly before a storm arrives. Models can be found for skylights, sliding glass doors and garage doors.

Make sure trees near the home are trimmed to avoid large branches from damaging your house during a storm. Strong winds and heavy rain may cause weak branches to break and fall onto cars, powerlines or homes. Always remove any debris or loose vegetation before a storm hits so it won’t be a danger if left in your yard. You might want to contact a tree removal service to cut down and clear away any unnecessary or potentially hazardous trees.

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