July, 2017

Dirty windows affect more than just the view

Posted on: July 21st, 2017 by townAdmin


Does your home or business need a little TLC? Are things really clean and tidy? Sure, the floors are swept and the shelves are dusted, but are the windows being properly repaired as often as they should? One of the most commonly overlooked and underdone maintenance task is window cleaning. The reason being is often it just finds its way on the bottom of the the priority list of things to do. Obviously you’ll take care of a sticky floor or smelly kitchen, but people tend to let windows go for a bit longer. What most don’t realize is the importance of regularly cleaning this kind of glass.

First and foremost, one of the first things a person sees on the exterior of a house, storefront, or building is the condition of the windows. It doesn't take more than a little deterioration to make a home or business unwelcoming to visitors. Not to mention the property value is greatly affected by these seemingly minor details. Unbeknownst to most, keeping up with something so simple as window cleaning actually does a lot to save money overall on utilities. When dirt particles layer on a window, it reflects the sun’s UV rays, preventing the heat from traveling inside. As a result, your furnace will end up working overtime in the colder months causing astronomical electricity and gas bills. On a larger scale, when looking at the fundamentals of glass itself, it’s in fact a porous structure. Over time, the window will end up collecting dirt that cannot be removed causing stains, breaking it down, and making it very fragile. Overall ruining the glass altogether. Elements like snow, acid rain, and hard minerals from tap water from the sprinkler play a role in slowly destroying your windows.

At Town and Country Window Cleaning, we know more than anyone the importance of keeping your glass shining and saving you money in the long run. Just like a car, regularly scheduled maintenance to your windows will have you spending less in the short run then having to replace entire windows in the long haul. Let a little light in your life. Let us love on your windows! We promise they’ll love you right back!