June, 2015

Keep Cool in the Summer

Posted on: June 29th, 2015 by townAdmin


Summertime in the Chicagoland area is a season to celebrate. Gone are the icy roads and torrential snowfall of winter; in are clear, easy-to-travel roadways and the ability to walk outside without fear of eyelashes freezing and fusing your eyelids together.

However, one downside of Chicagoland summers is that they can get hot. Really, really hot. Luckily, there are some things you can do around the house and with your windows to optimize the cool factor in your home.

Keep those screens clean

There are many reasons why you want to keep the screen down in windows during the summer. An obvious one is that there are bugs, birds and critters flying or crawling about now that it’s warmer outside. Another one is that with summer sometimes comes showers, wind and other types of weather that you don’t want entering your house.

So, if you still want the benefits of a cool summer breeze, you should make sure you screens are fully cleaned. That means that any dirt or residue from outside that could be blocking the gaps in the screen should be cleaned out and removed. Otherwise, air can’t make it inside.

Make sure windows fully seal

Sometimes – perhaps most of the time if it’s July or August – the best way to stay cool in the summertime is by putting on the air conditioning. However, air condition is the best way to go only if there are very tight seals on windows, doors and any other opening to your home. Some air needs to be let in, obviously, but you wouldn’t want a poorly sealed window to allow your cool air to pump out into the world – and out of the family room.

You may need to use caulk or other solutions to seal up your windows from the inside or out. If you have building or window damage, you may need to replace your windows altogether. If you aren’t sure about the condition of your windows, turn on the air conditioning and stand outside the window (if they are on the first floor); wave your hands over the window, and if you feel blowing air, then there are holes you aren’t seeing.

Getting more help for your windows

If you’re having trouble optimizing your windows and screens for the summer, you may want to consult with us for help. Visit TownandCountryWindowCleaning.com today to schedule an appointment.