July, 2015

Make Your Windows More Pet-Friendly

Posted on: July 27th, 2015 by townAdmin


Anyone who has experienced the joys of pet ownership in addition to home ownership knows just how much our furry critter friends enjoy window watching.

Dogs love watching for other dogs and critters outside, possibly to help ensure their human family is safe. Cats – who are pros at staring for extended periods of time – seem to be especially fascinated by the going-ons outside. And, if your property happens to be frequented by birds, good luck ever getting your pet to cuddle with you – they’ll be too busy watching the exciting things outside!

If such a critter is part of your extended family, there are some things you be careful about when allowing your critters to plop down in front of window in your home.

The “Squirrel!” effect

For dogs, seeing a squirrel is sure to gain their rapt attention. They become so excited that they’ll be tempted to get to the squirrel as fast as possible. If it’s their first time in this home, or there is a newly installed window, they may not realize that there’s a several-inch thick piece of glass separating them from the home and the outside world.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that all windows are solidly installed and locked in place. You wouldn’t want a dog to take out a chunk of your home with them as they futilely attempt to chase and befriend a squirrel.

Another risk is with screens. Ask around to other pet owners and you’ll hear some horror stories with dog or cat-shaped holes in screens after a daring escape.

Make it clean

If you leave your pet at home when you go to work or when you travel, you need to make sure they have enough to keep their attention – otherwise they’ll turn their attention to your furniture. If they have the ability to look outside during the day, that should give them enough to view to keep them excited for long periods of time.

Be sure that your windows are clean enough to allow your pets a great view of the outdoors. This includes your screens, too – they should be clean enough to allow a great view of all the smaller and yummy critters walking about your yard.

Getting more help for your windows

Need more help making sure your windows are clean enough for your pets? You can get professional help from us. Visit TownandCountryWindowCleaning.com today for info on our services. You can also schedule an appointment!