March, 2019

Spring Window Cleaning

Posted on: March 19th, 2019 by townAdmin


We can now finally say winter is just about over. That makes right now the ideal time to think about the look of the exterior of our homes. One part of homes and buildings that take quite a hit during the winter is our windows. Months of snow, rain and wind can make the nicest looking glass look less than their best. However, there are a few things you can do right now to keep your windows sparkling.

It is Important to Clean All Dirt

The first item of business is to inspect your windows and clean off the grime around the panes. Dust and dirt can get trapped in the tracks of the windows. Vacuum soil out of the tracks and use an attachment to get in between blinds.  Then remove any loose soil on or near the window surface. Simply use a dry rag or cloth to remove dust. An abrasive pad is effective at breaking caked on soil. Removing loose soil makes the rest of the window cleaning task much easier.

The most important thing to remember when washing windows is to use the proper tools. Make sure you use the best cleaning solution for your glass. There are many great choices on the market from ready-to-use sprays to concentrated cleaners. Remember that the goal of using the chemical is to create a barrier between the soil and the surface. This will make soil simpler to clean from window and help the glass sparkle.

Then concentrate on removing that stubborn soil.  A microfiber cloth is a terrific choice because it can be re-used after washing. Professional cleaners usually like a squeegee/cloth combo. This allows for complete removal of soil with no smudging.  It also makes it much easier to wipe away residual moisture. Remember no to apply too much chemical while washing. A little bit goes a long way because it is very concentrated.

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